I did some research I found out where to get everything from and I set out to make my boy his first birthday cake. I can tell you now there was a few harsh words spoken and swearing never to make another, but when I had finished I stood back took a look,  I was so proud. There in front of me was Thomas the Tank Engine, my boy had a Thomas cake and to his dietary requirements.

Then 3 months later it was my daughters 6th birthday, I couldn’t make my boy one and not her! So again I set out to make another cake and why not? My boys tasted so much better than the general supermarket ones, this time it was Mr Men and Little Miss. Once again a few harsh words and swearing never to make another, but when I saw her face and how it lit up how could I not make them both one every year? So it began, parents at parties asked for their children, friends, family even friends of friends were asking... could my cakes be this good?

Why don’t you take a look or pick a cake any cake I will make it for you.

Our Story

My boys first birthday was coming up fast, he adored Thomas the Tank Engine (what little boy didn’t?) but all the cakes in the supermarkets had dairy products in them! You see my boy had been diagnosed with a dairy allergy 6 months previous, so I decided I would give it ago myself..... why I hear you ask, why not go to a cake shop to have it made, after all they could probably do a much better job! I thought so too but money was very tight, and how hard could it be? Oh little did I know.